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My Affordable Healthcare was founded as American Financial Group in 1968 by Henry Tom Jones in Metairie, Louisiana. For over 50 years, Tom and his staff have helped thousands of individuals, families, and businesses save money on health insurance, improve coverage, and maximize tax advantages.

With a team of experienced employees behind him, My Affordable Healthcare are the Louisiana experts in health insurance. Fantastic customer service, and honest quotes. Nationally recognized and awarded and ranked in the top 1% in United States for production and integrity. We can address any need, question, quote, or concern. After 50 years in business, we’ve seen it all.

We make it easy to save money, quickly. Our website educates consumers on what to look for and what to avoid. Our licensed agents are here to help you, your business, or your family. All of our services are free, require no obligation, and are confidential.

Complete the entire process (meet, greet, quote, consult, cost compare, qualify, enrollment, and/or whatever you require) in as little as one day. Enroll in-person, by text, by phone, or by email. For consumers who prefer to schedule an in-person consultation, we make it easy to set appointments. Click Here

*Golden Eagle - Soaring Eagle Award
Awarded To The Top 4,000 Health Insurance Agents in the United States, based on Integrity & Production.