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Largest Health Insurance Companies in Louisiana

*Other Providers Exist, It Varies Greatly by Zip Code, Location, and Need.
*My Affordable Healthcare Offers all Louisiana Health Insurance Providers.

  • Aetna

  • Cigna

  • Vantage

  • Humana

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • United Healthcare

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Medical Information is supposed to be protected by law (HIPAA). My Affordable Healthcare is one of the only health insurance agencies that actually follows privacy laws regarding digital information (HIPAA Sec 264). Other agencies and almost every online quote engine do not share our same strict standards; most other companies in the industry offer misleading quotes, limited policies they claim to be full coverage, sell your information, and call you hundreds of times.


We, My Affordable Healthcare and its employees, do not and will not share, sell, give away, or disclose any of your information. We meet with clients for free and give honest information and real quotes only. You will be in contact with a Louisiana licensed health insurance agent. Your agent will accommodate your schedule and meet with you via text, email, phone call, social media, messenger, or in person. We are here to accommodate you and/or your family.